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Funrun 31 01 2014

Friday Fun-Run-O-Rama of 31 january! We visited: * Bastion of Twilight (25) * Onyxia (25) * Eye of Eternity (10) Also we have now a brand-new forum for the FunRuns, if you are interested: Take a peek at: (After registration I do need to grand you rights before you […]

Funrun 07 02 2014

The Friday-Fun-Run-O-Rama of 7th February 🙂 We tried to poke Hearth of Fear, but the first boss was bugging us a bit 😛 (Hihi word joke :P) So we decided to run into Mugo’Shan Vaults which was a good choice! Only people were getting more and more laggy, getting […]